Body Reshaping Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine / Shockwave Therapy For Celluite Treatment

Body Reshaping Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine / Shockwave Therapy For Celluite Treatment

Body Reshaping Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine / Shockwave Therapy For Celluite Treatment


SmartWave BS-SWT6000 adopts extracorporal shockwave therapy (ESWT), which is a method for the treatment of Cellulite and body reshaping , also superficial orthopedic disorders developed over the past 20 years. The extreme method of using bundled sound waves with high intensity was selected because the mechanical/acoustic waves of force can be focused at a defined point with a parabolic reflector to ensure that stress limits are not exceeded in the remaining tissue. The penetrating depth can reach 0 - 60mm.


What is BS-SWT6000 Acousitc Wave Therapy and how does it work?

Acoustic wave therapy is a treatment that can be used to treat cellulite and to reshape the body, although there is also an applicator for use on the face (such as for double chins).


It stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, a process known as lipolysis, the production of new collagen, and lymphatic drainage. An applicator tip (or a probe) is passed over the treatment areas and acoustic waves are emitted through the skin at various intensities including radial or radiated waves or focused, high energy waves. Different applicators are used depending on the type of acoustic energy being delivered.


This generates a build-up of heat energy in the fat cells and collagen strands, which are effectively destroyed by the heat. The body’s own healing process then begins, which means that the fatty acids and fat cells are naturally passed out through the lymphatic system and excreted by the body. As collagen strands are damaged.


Several processes occur as a result of the treatment: loss of fat cells which are then naturally passed through the body, a boost to collagen and elastin production, the formation of strengthened connective tissue (so that the fat cannot slip through the tissue with a puckered appearance on the outside of the skin), enhanced blood supply to that connective tissue so that it stays supple and dimple-free, improved drainage within the lymphatic system, so that fat cells can be flushed through more efficiently and increased metabolic activity, which helps to reduce oedema (swelling).


Following treatment, the skin and skin’s tissue become more permeable, so that the fluids as well as the toxins within fat cells can be released and excreted more efficiently by the lymphatic system.


Skin will be smooth and wrinkle and dimple free, and contour can be returned to the body.



Ingrowth of Neovascularization, Reversal of Chronic Inflammation, Stimulation of Collagen

Projectile creates shockwave based on highly precision controlled air-pressure

Oil-free air compressor, low noise and durable

Rich transmitter for various treatments

With pre-set treatment protocols, and user customized protocols

Energy levels from 2Bar to 5Bar, adjustable, stepping at 0.1Bar

Frequency up to 22Hz, adjustable from 1Hz to 22Hz, stepping at 1Hz

Big touch screen with fast-knobs to set frequency and energy instantly




1. Application for Beauty/body slimming:


Stretch mark

Connective tissue

Loose skin get tightened

Body Reshaping and slimming

Assist treatment for cryolipolysis

Assist treatment for Cavitation

Assist treatment for laser lipolysis


2. Other Applications:

Plantar Fasciitis


Inflammations and calcification of shoulder joint tendons

Pain in the groin area

Epicondylitis (Tennis and Golf Elbow)

Apex Patellae Syndrome and Tibial Stress Syndrome.

Pain in the hip area and/or the iliotibial tract.

Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendinitis)

Pain in the hamstring insertions and palmar side of the wrist

Exostoses of small hand joints from Grade 1 Arthrosis.


Pain trigger-points or painful points in muscles..

ED(erectile dysfunction)



Technical Parameter:


RSWT BS-SWT6000 shock wavve therapy equipment for cellulite & body reshaping

Shock source Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy
Energy levels 1 to 5 Bar, adjustable stepping at 0.1 Bar
Pulse frequencies 1 to 22 Hz
Burst modes 3 modes or continuous
Adapter diameter 35mm (15mm, 20mm, 6mm, 25mm for optional, more for ODM)
Trigger Trigger button on handpiece
Control panel 10 Inch full size colorful touch screen
Positive shockwave counter Yes
Negative shockwave counter Yes, with value preset
Built-in programs Indication menu with preset treatment protocols
Weight 48Kg
Working Environment 10 - 28ºC 30~80%RH,500~1060hPa
Power Specification AC110V - 220V/50Hz - 60Hz, 16A
Dimension 1120 x 350 x 380 mm




               Body Reshaping Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine / Shockwave Therapy For Celluite Treatment   

For Body Reshaping Acoustic Wave Therapy Machine / Shockwave Therapy For Celluite Treatment

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